Aquaculture Association of Queensland

Bruce Sambell

Bruce Sambell is the founder of Ausyfish Pty Ltd, and an international aquaculture consultant. Bruce has held the roll of president of the Aquaculture Association of Queensland AAQ for over 20 years

Bruce also served as:
• Vice-president Queensland Aquaculture Industries Federation (QAIF) for 3 years
• Sector representative on QAIF, for 14 years. 
• Queensland Government Freshwater Management Advisory Committee for 10 years. 
• Queensland Government "Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme Committee for 10 years. 
• Freshwater Fish Trans-Location Committee for 10 years. 
• QAIF food safety representative for 5 years.
Prior to moving to Queensland, after 9 years in the life insurance industry, 5 as State Sales Manager for an international company, Bruce's passion for fish took hold resulting in a chain of retail aquarium shops. Finally the passion matured with the move to Queensland to build the now well known Ausyfish. 
Bruce, often called the Perch Man has been involved with fish at a commercial level for almost 40 years. 

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