Indistry Development Plan


(A Development Plan for the Queensland Native Freshwater Finfish Industry)

Final version 11/9/02


This plan has been sponsored by the Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc (AAQ) for numerous reasons including:

  • Queensland’s production is expected to expand rapidly this year (About 55 tonnes of silver and jade perch were produced in 2000-01 and sold mainly to the domestic live market.  NSW produced about 230 tonnes).
  • Several large production units using new technologies could begin operations during the next few years.
  • Prices on the domestic market have declined significantly in recent years.
  • To clarify and increase understanding of the roles of individual businesses, industry bodies and government in the industry's development process are often unclear or insufficiently understood.
  • To facilitate prioritisation of industry level activities and interaction with government agencies is easier if there is an industry plan.

A draft plan was produced at a workshop at Gympie on Thursday 18 July 2002 sponsored by the AAQ.  The draft was considered and endorsed at the AAQ’s Annual Meeting at Gympie on 17 August 2002 and this version includes views expressed at that Meeting. However, this is an industry not an AAQ plan and is a living document which must be revised to reflect accomplishments and changing needs and priorities.

AAQ initiated the preparation of the plan.  However, AAQ is not responsible for implementing the entire plan.  Individual businesses and governments will be responsible for implementing those parts of the plan which relate directly to them.  These are clearly shown in the tables of strategies and actions.  However, AAQ can and will facilitate implementation by business and government by:

  • ensuring that the plan is distributed widely
  • consulting with businesses and governments on implementation and encouraging their involvement
  • regularly reviewing progress on implementation