Fish Health Certification Program

Fish Health and Biosecurity


Fish Health Certification Program

The FHCP places the following fish health and biosecurity conditions on hatcheries to ensure that fish health management is consistently maintained by :

  1. Keeping of fish health records
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for quarantine, disinfection, disease investigation, disease treatment and control
  3. Reporting of significant or notifiable diseases
  4. Regular veterinary inspection program of the facility
  5. Regular submission of samples for disease testing - "spot checks"

The regular submitting of samples to the Queensland Government Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory for health testing is significant part of this fish health program. These tests are comprehensive. They include gross, and histology examination, (histopathology) of each sample submitted. This is where the sample, (Usually about 30 fish from each batch or pond.) is sliced into ultra thin, transparent sections which are then examined under a microscope by a highly qualified Queensland Government fish pathologist.

These tests have been a requirement for batches of fish sent to aquaculture facilities outside the state of Queensland, and most countries where live fish are being imported.

This scheme developed by the Queensland Government, requires samples to be sent on a regular basis regardless of where the fish were to be sold.

The FHCP carries out regular disease surveillance testing by gross and histopathology performed by the Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory (BSL) of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF-Qld), Queensland State Government.

This is a more intensive, structured, program of testing and monitoring which would enhance any facilities ability to provide quality fish to its customers.

Fish health conscious, professional hatcheries, in a number of states in Australia participate in this program, or a similar type of program.

If required Ausyfish will supply a health certificate and (OR) AQIS certificate to customers with their deliveries of fish.