Membership Information & Association Information

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The Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc. was formed about 25 years ago. The founding president was Bruce Sambell

The AAQ has two membership classes.

1. Full members: These are members that hold an aquaculture licence, or Development Approval, or Self Assessable Approval. They are considered commercial operations. If you fit into this category, you must join as a "full member."

2. Associate member: If you do not fit into the category of a full member, but would still like to be a member of the AAQ so you can receive the newsletter and attend conferences and workshops, and other benefits of AAQ membership, you can apply to join as an "associate member."

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The association works closely with government and is represented on all industry/government bodies. The association is a member of the Queensland Aquaculture Industries Federation Inc. This body represents the aquaculture industry at many levels of government.

For example, association has representatives on the following bodies;

  • Queensland Aquaculture Industries Federation
  • Freshwater Ministerial Advisory Committee
  • Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme Sub-committee
  • Translocation Sub-committee
  • Aquatic Animal Chemical Residues and Chemical Use Working Group
  • Dept of State Development & Innovation Aquaculture Reference Group
  • Pond Construction Technical Advisory Committee.

AAQ also has representatives on a number of other government committees.

 Some of the association's achievements include:

The development of a "safe food" program, developed in partnership with            "Safe Food Queensland."

The Environmental Code of Practice for Freshwater Finfish, which was  developed by us with the Queensland Government. You may download  this plan from this web site.

AAQ have also developed a hatchery code of practice. Member  hatcheries are able to be independently audited and accredited.

We were able to contribute significantly to the FISHERIES  (FRESHWATER) MANAGEMENT PLAN 1999, and continue to sit on  consultative committees.

Plenty of free advice is available to members from experienced growers.

 Product promotion: The AAQ represents its members at trade shows.  Members gain exposure to potential markets in Australian and overseas through this initiative. Pictured on the right, the Australasian Aquaculture trade show, an international event held in Adelaide in August 2006. AAQ will represent its members at the next international event to be held in Queensland in 2008.

The association also works with Government departments to develop promotional materials, such as pamphlets, posters, and recipe cards. These are made available to members. With the assistance of QDPI Fisheries Services we have held a number of field days and booths at agricultural field days. This allows licensed members and the sponsors of the AAQ to display their products with little or no cost. The AAQ was a significant contributor to the production of a book that was launched at the 2000 Agrotrend show at Bundaberg. The book, "Fishing the Bundaberg region a guide to the hotspots", does an excellent job of promoting freshwater angling, thus beneficial to our hatcheries. The eating qualities of our freshwater fish are also expounded.

A bi-monthly (ish) newsletter is sent to all members. The newsletter is the primary method of communication to the members. The latest developments as well as up-to-date industry information can be found here.

Below: Members learn of new production techniques being developed during a field day at Paul Mc Veigh's property near Dalby. This was part of a weekend workshop on reducing costs.

Sector workshops and conferences are held regularly. Our annual conference is well known for the high quality of it’s guest speakers. 

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Members will also benefit from this web site. A free page is available to licensed   members. (Or members with an aquaculture DA.) At no extra cost licensed members are able to promote their products. The Queensland DPI's Web site links to this site for freshwater finfish.

Changes to many of the regulations and the act/s covering our sector (freshwater finfish aquaculture) have been strongly influenced by our lobby efforts. Being a licensed member guarantees you a say on the position the association takes therefore a say in the direction the industry you are in will take. 

Objects of the Association

  1. To lobby Government on matters concerning the industry;
  2. To lobby Government to spend funds on research;
  3. To hold industry workshops;
  4. To promote good will and communications within the industry;
  5. To promote good relations with Government and private sector bodies;
  6. To ensure equal opportunities within the industry on matters bought to the association;
  7. To ensure a reliable supply of product to the market;
  8. To promote consumer education on species grown; and 
  9. To promote and represent the interests of  the industry as a whole. 

Management Committee

President:                    Mark Oliver 0457 383 963

Vice President:            Andrew Bray Phone 0405 191 283 

Secretary:                   Letitia Taylor Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treasurer:                   Steve Volz Phone 0419 853 060 

Food safety officer:     Andrew Bray Phone 0405 191 283 

Web site manager:      Bruce Sambell   Phone 0407 797 149

Email committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

P.O. Box 812 Childers 4660 Queensland