AAQ Big Nutrition 2021 WORKSHOP

You must be a financial member to attend. Download application form HERE.

Saturday the 4th of September 9AM AT 510 Abington Road, Abington Childers. More details will be posted here soon.

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Mark Oliver Mark will take a step by step look at how Condabilla Fish Farm develops and implements an on farm R&D program. He will give a full explanation of how to align your R&D needs with the Australian government’s R&D Tax Incentive scheme. This scheme is accessible by all producers and traditionally, many aquaculture producers have not taken advantage of this incentive. Mark will show What R&D programs Condabilla claims for and what components and costs are claimable. Mark will also provide an update on the latest developments with the Minor Use Permit (MUP) process for Aqui-s.


Rod Cheetham will talk about hatchery audits, bosecurity and aeroation.


Andrew Bray from Big Nutrition fish food update.


Glenn Austin - Glenn is passionate and a devoted industry advocate, always encouraging, pushing boundaries and challenging for a healthy Industry. Glenn’s network offers opportunities and proven results for both the Retail and Food Service Industries

He has created relationships with high-level manufacturers, hoteliers, retail groups and QSRs both Nationally and Internationally including government officials and tourism bodies to ensure the hospitality and food sector has support, sustainability and recognition where required. Glenn has developed relationships with key scientists to inform and promote Australian advancements in the food industry and strong networks with professionals to ensure he delivers the cutting edge of industry and enable his clients to be positioned correctly for profit generation.

Glenn regularly contributes to trade publications and holds the title of “most popular writer for Australia’s largest leading Industry publication“ "Open House" for 15 years and ongoing, he is renowned for his engaging, energetic, no nonsense attitude as a professional speaker and is never afraid of controversial issues speaking with passion, conviction, to the point, with great humour and relevance.

Glenn will cover his experience and background. We will then have a question and answer session. For Glenn's Website click here.


Douglas Dilger will give attendees a guided tour of his fish food mill.


DAF Queensland. Rebecca Schofield - Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Queensland  and Thomas Hart - Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Queensland. They will provide up dates from the department on aquaculture production trends, annual survey which is now overdue, release of the stocking policy, establishment of new freshwater working group, upcoming stocking workshop and progress on developing an aquaculture authority to replace operational requirements of DAs.


Jim Fewings from Department of Environment and Science will talk about up coming changes to new environmental values (EVs) and water quality objectives (WQOs) under the Environmental Protection (Water and Wetland Biodiversity) Policy 2019 (Water Policy). Jim has passed on his apologies. He will not be able to attend due to Queensland Government (COVID) travel restrictions.




 The AAQ will hold a Genneral Meeting at 1pm on Saturday the 4th of September at 510 Abington Road, Abington Childers at 1.30pm. Details will be posted here soon.



The AAQ will hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 4th of September at 510 Abington Road, Abington Childers at 1.30pm. Details will be posted here soon.









AAQ Big Nutrition 2019 Industry TWO day conference and workshop

Saturday the 3rd of August and Sunday the 4th of August. FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE
The venue for the conference, and dinner will be the same as last year. (SEE BELOW in 2018 conference)
Once again there will be a cooking/recipe competition on Saturday night. 
1st prize is $500.00
2nd Prize $300
3rd Prize $200 
ALL generously donated by Big Nutrition
+ a winners trophy for first prize
Sunday morning there will be an important meeting held at the secretary's farm just 5 minutes from Childers. Several sensitive issues need to be discussed. Every grower needs to be there.
AAQ has been able to secure a supply of aquaculture equipment at discounted prices for members. Some of this equipment will be on display and working on the day.
Several paddle wheels, blowers etc can be seen working in Darren's ponds. The AAQ will also provide a BBQ and drinks for members. This will not be a full day, so after we discuss the issues, and eat you can leave whenever you like.



2018 Industry one day conference and dinner

Saturday 11th August 2017

The venue is: Childers Oasis Motel.

  Far left, street view of the entrance. Left is the rear view where the guests car park is situated. This is one street on the western side of the main street, Churchill Street. (Part of the Bruce Hwy.) Click for Google street view.

A special discount for accommodation at Childers Oasis Motel for the members attending the meeting and wishing to stay overnight has been arranged. A Deluxe Queen Suite at $120/night for the guests wanting to reserve a room (usually these rooms go for $130/night). Members are requiring accommodation, please arrange to book directly with Childers Oasis Motel, and quote this discount for the above price to apply: Discount code: AAQ11
Reservation can be made either via phone call or email. 
Lunch will be a hot buffet. 
Lunch menu is as below (subject to availability and may vary on the day):
  • Asian style beef & vegetable stirfry
  • Korean glass noodle dish
  • Korean sweet chilly sauce marinated chicken wings 
  • Asian Style stirfry vegetables
  • Korean curry with rice
  •  With a choice of carbonated drinks, juice and bottled water

Speakers are being arranged. The aquaculture Association of Queensland is pleased to announce that Dr Stuart Rowland (B.A. hons 1, PHD) will be speaking at our conference.  Dr Rowland’s knowledge on the Murray Darling Species, Murray Cod, Silver Perch and Golden Perch is invaluable.  Both novices and experts can all learn from Dr Rowland’s experience in this field and any questions regarding these species will be welcomed. We are also pleased to announce that Dr Stuart Rowland will be available for individual farm visits. This is a great opportunity for members to have a one-on-one informal, private, session on their own farms with the "farther" of silver perch farming. (AKA, the "step father" of jade perch farming.)

Other presenters include:

Members from Hong Kong, Barbara Chang and Arthur Lee, who will show us how their project to grow jade perch and vegetables is developing in Hong Kong. 

Our president, Bruce Sambell will speak on how jade perch is being developed in other countries, and how "fresh" fish are sold in Asia. 

Rod Cheetham Auditor for the AAQ Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice. In 2009 the AAQ began the process of accrediting professional commercial hatcheries under the Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice. The code was developed in consultation with fisheries authorities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The Queensland Government provided funding to employ an independent auditor
Rod will update us on the progress so far. More


2017 Industry one day conference and dinner

Saturday 12th August 2017

The venue is
Hill Of Promise Winery, 8 Mango Hill Drive, Childers QLD. 4660.


2015 Chinchilla Workshop

Aquaculture Association of Qld Workshop, August 2015


The AAQ will hold a members workshop this year at Rob and Tamara Bartley’s farm, Condabilla, on the 14th and 15th of August.

Stuart Rowland will be our main guest speaker, leading a fish health workshop spotlighting common disease members may encounter, sample taking, prevention methods and treatments.


Condabilla has recently installed a large solar power system which produces enough energy to run his complete farm. We will have the solar company representative run through and show us Rob’s system and how it may work for you.

Rob will also talk about his current R&D project, an acidification trial throughout his ponds. Currently the acid trial project is in progress, researching the long-term volumes of acid required to retain pH in the ponds in the region of 7.5-7.8. He is also assessing the effects of different pH levels on fish health and growth rates.


Since our last visit to Chinchilla in 2009, Rob has completed construction of his pond 3 phase and will lead a guided tour of the new constructed ponds, including the integration of a new wetland management technique using floating ponded pastures. Rob will also talk on his plans for the further expansion of pond 4.


Aquaculture industry representatives have also been invited to show and demonstrate their latest gadgets and hardwares.


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AAQ Conference and workshop 2013

The 2013 AAQ Conference and Workshop will be held in Childers on August 10th and 11th. 

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AAQ Conference and workshop 2012

The 2012 AAQ Conference and Workshop will be held on the 27th 28th and 29th of July in Brisbane

Our conference and AGM will be held on the Friday and Saturday, incorporating the industry dinner and auction, with an aquaponic workshop on the Sunday.

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Friday 13 to Saturday the 14th August at Kondari Resort, Hervey Bay.

Conference coordinator Andrew Bray, ph. (07) 3396 5730

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AAQ field day and workshop July 25th - 26th 2009

The next AAQ workshop will be a combined AGM, field day and workshop featuring presentations from Dr. Stuart Rowland and a detailed guided tour of Condabilla Fish Farm. Mark your calendar now !! July 25th - 26th 2009

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The AAQ Annual Conference for 2008 was held in Childers on July 5th and 6th. 

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To attend any workshop or conference you must be a financial member, and you must register. Anyone may apply for membership. There two classes of membership.