AAQ Conference 2018

2018 Industry one day conference and dinner

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Saturday 11th August 2017

The venue is: Childers Oasis Motel.


Far left, street view of the entrance. Left is the rear view where the guests car park is situated. This is one street on the western side of the main street, Churchill Street. (Part of the Bruce Hwy.) Click for Google street view.

A special discount for accommodation at Childers Oasis Motel for the members attending the meeting and wishing to stay overnight has been arranged. A Deluxe Queen Suite at $120/night for the guests wanting to reserve a room (usually these rooms go for $130/night). Members are requiring accommodation, please arrange to book directly with Childers Oasis Motel, and quote this discount for the above price to apply: Discount code: AAQ11
Reservation can be made either via phone call or email. 
Lunch will be a hot buffet. 
Lunch menu is as below (subject to availability and may vary on the day):
  • Asian style beef & vegetable stirfry
  • Korean glass noodle dish
  • Korean sweet chilly sauce marinated chicken wings 
  • Asian Style stirfry vegetables
  • Korean curry with rice
  •  With a choice of carbonated drinks, juice and bottled water

The annual dinner will be at 29,399 Bruce Hwy Apple Tree Creek. 5 minutes from Childers. Four  course menu mixed starters, steak or chicken Maryland,main, Choc brownie dessert finish with mix cheeses. We will be seated outside but covered and heated so bring something warm just in case. For those needing transportation to the dinner this will be available to all who need it.  Click for street view


The aquaculture Association of Queensland is pleased to announce that Dr Stuart Rowland (B.A. hons 1, PHD) will be presenting at our conference.  Dr Rowland’s knowledge on the Murray Darling Species, Murray Cod, Silver Perch and Golden Perch is invaluable.  Both novices and experts can all learn from Dr Rowland’s experience in this field and any questions regarding these species will be welcomed. We are also pleased to announce that Dr Stuart Rowland will be available for individual farm visits. This is a great opportunity for members to have a one-on-one informal, private, session on their own farms with the "farther" of silver perch farming. (AKA, the "step father" of jade perch farming.) Read more

Other presenters include:

Members from Hong Kong, Barbara Chang and Arthur Lee, who will show us how their project to grow jade perch and vegetables is developing in Hong Kong. 

The images below are full HD. Just right click and open in new tab. Then you can zoom in and see ALL the detail.






The new owner of Uarah Fisheries New South Wales, Dr John Yu.

Founded in 1977 by industry pioneers, Jim and Bruce Malcolm, Uarah Fisheries is the world’s first modern Murray cod farm and large-scale native fish hatchery. Urarh Fisheries grew to become the largest native freshwater fish hatchery in south-eastern Australia.

Since 2015, we have made several upgrades to our production infrastructure and have significantly increased our broodstock numbers. In the 2016-17 season, we produced over 4 million Murray cod and golden perch fingerlings. However, we anticipate this figure to increase to over 8 million for the 2018-19 season and even more beyond that, as our newly-added broodstock mature. Even then, we possess the infrastructural and technical capacity to introduce more broodstock and increase fingerling production even further. We are also aiming to expand our table fish production infrastructure in the short-term future.




Our president, Bruce Sambell will speak on how "fresh" fish are marketed in Asia. 

Bruce Sambell, is the founder and designer of Ausyfish Pty Ltd Bruce has been involved with fish at a commercial level for aver 40 years. 
Bruce was the first to breed many species, including sleepy cod, freshwater archer fish, and a number of small Australian native varieties for aquariums. Bruce has been the president of the Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc., (AAQ) for  a total of about 18 years

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Click here for more about Bruce Sambell

Rod Cheetham Auditor for the AAQ Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice. In 2009 the AAQ began the process of accrediting professional commercial hatcheries under the Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice. The code was developed in consultation with fisheries authorities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The Queensland Government provided funding to employ an independent auditor
Rod will update us on the progress so far. More

Dr Meaghan Duncan (Fisheries scientist, NSW) Murray Darling (River) Basin FishGen Program.

 Click for short video showing the process of taking a fin clip for testing.

Background information on, and an overview of the implementation of a fish genetics library which will cover all broodstock used in hatcheries across the Murray Darling Basin. More


Mitch Groves SafeFood Production Queensland. 

Safe Food Production Queensland (Safe Food) is the state authority responsible for the safety of seafood at the primary production and processing levels. The Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 requires all businesses undertaking the production of seafood at an aquaculture facility to hold an accreditation with Safe Food. This regulatory requirement enables Safe Food to identify and communicate with businesses working in this space and implement appropriate risk reduction strategies. In turn, it enables aquaculture businesses to operate publicly, access response systems in the event of a food incident and offers a basis for accessing markets and assuring them of product safety.

In recent years, the upper limits of traditional HACCP-based food safety systems and point-in-time verification models have been realised. Similarly, there have been substantial advances in understanding how behaviours and business cultures influence food safety outcomes. Safe Food has supplemented traditional approaches with greater industry engagement, low-impost behaviour-based compliance models and information-sharing initiatives. Work carried out in recent years with the Queensland poultry meat and egg industries has proven the utility of these approaches to provide businesses greater value from the regulatory process and augment business culture such that it drives improvements in food safety outcomes.

Safe Food is presently undertaking a project with the aquaculture industry involving on-farm visits. The objectives of this work are to

1) identify opportunities for greater engagement with industry, and

2) collect a census on routine practices to guide the development of a baseline of processes critical to food safety and assist Safe Food in future monitoring initiatives. By attending the Aquaculture Association of Queensland’s annual meeting on 11 August you can learn more about the future of food safety regulation and find out how your knowledge and expertise can contribute to further improving food safety in the Queensland aquaculture industry.



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