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Nicholas Meyer of Bryopin Meats Sydney

Nicholas Meyer of Bryopin Meats Sydney

This is a great and inspiring success story, that could well be a potential future for our gourmet healthy fish products.

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Left, Bruce Sambell, right Nicholas Myer

Bryopin Meats specialises in the slow cooking /sous vide, of meats for the catering industry. He will discuss the possibility of processing native fish species using this method.

Twin brothers Nicholas and Michael Meyer were born in 1939 just before the second World War in Reading England. Nicholas Joined the British Army as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers Corps and Michael graduated London University as an Engineer, they immigrated to Australia in their twenties. Whilst the UK was Lush and green, they were astounded at the bountiful nature of the Australian Meat Industry. After working in and around the industry Nicholas founded Bryopin Meats in 1988, Michael joined him some years later. With an engineered approach to manufacturing delectably tender Sous Vide cooked meat, together they shaped the company culture of family values, passion for quality food, and strong business acumen & ethics. It is with this vision laid down by Nicholas and Michael that the next generation of Anthony, Fiona, Alex, Kate plus their dedicated team run the business today.

Bryopin Meats are the cooked meat specialists.

" Our consistently tender meat comes from our passion for food and Sous Vide cooking. We supply quality Sous Vide cooked meat solutions from our purpose built manufacturing plant in Sydney’s West. Our national distribution networks supply to Institutional and Food Service markets. We can innovate with flavours and cooking to create bespoke proprietary products for retail and food service brands, and we also have a Ready to Eat processing facility to slice and dice value added cooked meats to specification. We pride ourselves on providing lower total cost solutions with high quality outcomes to a range of food businesses and brands. Our experienced team are known for giving outstanding service to our valued clientele. "