Aquaculture Association of Queensland

2019 conference full details August 3rd and 4th

AAQ 2019 BIG NUTRITION CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP August 3rd and 4th - The venue is Childers Oasis Motel, up the stairs near reception.

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 Please note, this is only a "draft" agenda. Times, and presenters may change without notice. The AAQ accepts no liability for any losses experienced by delegates.


8.15am registration and welcome coffee/tea.



9.00am Official welcome and Opening - Bruce Sambell

9.15am John Dexter Principal Fishery Manager, Fisheries Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

9.45am Bruce Sambell - carp Herpes Virus




11.00am Steve and Lisa Volz owners of Pond Perch - grow out of Jade Perch

11.30pm Rod Cheetham - Principal Consultant for Fisheries & Wildlife Developments.  Issues for members - symposium. click for details

11.45 Rod Cheetham Pest fish and biosecurity a reminder of your obligations

12.15pm LUNCH Hot buffet. 



1.45pm Nicholas Meyer of (Bryopin Meats Sydney) Click for more

2.15pm Bruce Sambell Aquaculture and live seafood in Asia. Our president, Bruce Sambell will speak on aquaculture of Australian natives, and how "fresh" fish are marketed in Asia. Click for more




4.00pm AGM Chair Bruce Sambell

Notice is hereby given that the Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc. will hold it's Annual General Meeting at the Childers Oasis Motel, upstairs meeting area, at 4pm on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019. 

There are no "Special Resolutions". 

5.00pm Approx.  BREAK UNTIL DINNER

6.30pm - AAQ INDUSTRY DINNER • Four course menu: • Mixed: starters. • Main: Steak or chicken Maryland. • Dessert: Choc brownie dessert. • Finish: with mix cheeses. 

Judging AAQ cooking competition -

Once again there will be a cooking/recipe competition on Saturday night. 
1st prize is $500.00
2nd Prize $300
3rd Prize $200 
ALL generously donated by Big Nutrition
+ a winners trophy for first prize


All members have been invited to a FREE lunch and information day at the AAQ secretary's farm. Hosted by Darren Emmett and his wife Clair, members will enjoy a BBQ lunch and a cold beer. FREE !

There will be discussions regarding sensitive issues for members involved in growing and breeding table species.

Also, following the APRIL lunch at Mollydookers hosted by Mindy Hsieh, of SINO-AQUA GROUP, members will have the opportunity to see some of their products on display and working. Sino are manufactures of aquaculture equipment and supplies. On display will be blowers, paddle wheels, layflat, netting of all types, mesh for fish cages, etc. Members will be able to take advantage of the low prices that have been negotiated by Darren and Bruce on a recent visit to the Sino factory in Taiwan. Apart from the equipment on display, members can order any of the Sino products. Orders will be combined into one shipment to reduce costs for members. Thus giving all the chance to take advantage of our combined buying power, and shipping cost reduction.


Solar Light, can light up the roads in the farm at night without electricity. - Shrimp Flakes - Paddlewheel Aerators , Splash Aerator, Air Injector - Net and Netting Supplies - Water Testing Meter , Water Test Kit - Electronic Equipment and Supply - AC Motor Converter ( Change single phase electricity to 3 phase electricity ) - Generator - General Aquaculture Equipment and Supply - Automatic Feeder - Air Hose  - Air Switch Connector- Supplement, Enrichment Diets and Chemicals - Submersible Pump - Fan Blower / Ring Blower - Roots Blower - Immersion Titanium Heater - Water Filtration - Plankton Net Cloth - Bag Filter - Silica Sand Filters - Fry Counting Spoon - Micro Bubble Air Diffuse Hose - Micro Bubble Air Diffuse Plate - Stainless Steel Fish Fry Sieve ( For Grading ) - Steel Nail - Stainless Steel Screw - Stainless Steel Nut - Stainless Steel Bar - Welding Rod for Stainless Steel or Steel - High Pressure Washer   - High Pressure Water Hose with Sprayer - Power Sprayer with Diesel Engine - FRP Water Tank - Scale - Shield Screen - Cooling Tower - Air Cooled Water Chiller - Weed Inhibition Cover 



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Members requiring accommodation, please arrange to book directly with Childers Oasis Motel

The venue is: Childers Oasis Motel.


Above left, street view of the entrance. Above right is the rear view where the guests car park is situated. This is one street on the western side of the main street, Churchill Street. (Part of the Bruce Hwy.) Click for Google street view.