Aquaculture - a sustainable source of protein.

Freshwater aquaculture a sustainable source of protein

  The Aquaculture Association of Queensland, (AAQ)

  AAQ is the representative body for Queensland freshwater aquaculture Click the pictures for more...

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Australia, especially Queensland, is well placed to take advantage of freshwater finfish aquaculture. 

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The Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc, (AAQ) is the representative body for producers of freshwater finfish and crayfish. Its members include hatcheries providing fingerlings and fry, growers of table fish and ornamental fish. Members operate under food safety, environmental, and hatchery codes of practice.  

Species produced and grown by its members include, Barramundi, Bass (Australian), Golden perch, Jade perch, Silver perch, Mullet, Murray cod, Sleepy cod, Eels, Australian native and exotic aquarium fish and freshwater crayfish.  click for more


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Ornamental producers provide exotic aquarium fish and an extensive list of exclusive Australian native fish, which are ideal aquarium fish, such as Saratoga and Australian rainbows.

 Aquarium fish farming



Table fish grown by AAQ’s members include exciting new species to the world market, such as, golden perch, sleepy cod, honey perch,(sooty grunter) and Murray cod. Silver perch and Jade perch produced by members already have a firm market footing in Asia.  Click for more

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Hatcheries supply fry and fingerlings to markets worldwide. Fingerlings for stocking public and private fisheries, as well as quality fingerlings and fry for grow-out by commercial growers and aquaponic hobbyists. Species suitable for mosquito management are also produced by hatchery members. Click for more



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